When Pierre-Alain Münger was a child, he loved smashing his toy cars with a hammer. Many years later, he still does that. Impressed and fascinated by car crashes, impact, destruction and deformation, the artist crashes real cars and uses them for his work. He meticulously studies and documents the effects, and creates imagery concerned with car crashes in various media. In his works, deformed cars and broken trees are silent victims and witnesses of the invisible kinetic forces.


The Swiss artist performs crash tests, smashing old cars into a metal sheet at 110 km/h. The frontal collision deforms metal, providing the artist with the effect and footprints he sought for. These tests require numerous hours of planning and preparation, but Münger’s works of various sizes and artistic expression would be impossible without it.


Münger is a true researcher and an expert on car crashes. After graduation from a design school and spending time as an assistant to Swiss sculptor Carlo Borer, the artist spent more than 15 years studying collisions and the deformation of shapes. His work does not only depict a ruined vehicle, but also a damaged lamp post, sign, tree or any other object. Sometimes, his work features imagery related to the act of rescuing. Whether it’s painting, sculpture or brilliant pen study on paper, the artist’s deep fascination with crashes is obvious.


   attisholz23 - retrospektive
        museum MUVA (museum of urban and vandalism art)
        mai - september 2023
   art miami / laurent marthaler contemporary (USA)
   PAMCR 13/ BMW 520 1992 , vauffelin
   PAMCR 12/ MERCEDES BENZ c300 1988  , vauffelin
   PAMCR 11/ cadillac seville 1996 , vauffelin
   artwalk bremgarten
   fränkisches museum / feuchtwangen (D)
   alte brennerei / primeart / unterramsern
   alte brennerei / weihnachtsausstellung / unterramsern
   kunsthaus rot / köniz
   alte brennerei / primeart / unterramsern
   artstübli  / DEFEKT / with simon berger / basel
   esp / exposition simon pam / with simon berger / alte kirche härkingen
   SCULPTURE GARTEN / with simon berger / alte kirche härkingen
   galerie radial art contemporain, strasbourg (F) / SOLO SHOW
   galerie SOON / group-show during ART-BASEL 2018
   ART KARLSRUHE / galerie radial art contemporain, strasbourg (D/F)   PAMCR10, Vauffelin / ford fiesta 1994
   Dingkult, Derendingen
    Kunstnacht Brienz / Brienz
    soon gallery bern / soloshow
    PAMCR10, Vauffelin / BENTLEY 1988
    PAMCR9, Vauffelin / alfa romeo 1998
    soon gallery , bern
    soon gallery , zürich / soloshow
    ours , bellelay / soloshow


    ST-ART, strasbourg, galerie radial art contemporain, strasbourg (F)

    galerie soon-art, bern
    galerie IVOKAMM,zürich
    PAMCR8, vauffelin /chevrolet blazer 1988

    PAMCR7, vauffelin /cadillac deville hearse 1973

    ST-ART, strasbourg, solo-show/installation galerie radial art cont.,strasbourg (F)
    LONDON 13 art fair (GB), galerie IVOKAMM, zürich

    ST-ART, strasbourg, galerie radial art contemporain, strasbourg (F)
    KUNST 12 zürich, galerie IVOKAMM, zürich
    summer group show - galerie radial, strasbourg (F)
    Stroke artfair, galerie SOON Bern / münchen (D)
    autopsie de l‘impact - soloshow / galerie radial, strasbourg (F)
    PAMCR5, PAMCR6, Vauffelin

    Burgergalerie, Brienz
    Kunstnacht Brienz, Brienz
    WAREHOUSE, manegg-areal, Zürich
    PAMCR4, Vauffelin

    Brienzer Kunstnacht, Brienz
    pamcrash und vitra, teo jakob solothurn
    pamcrash meets crash, Autoabbruch Safenwil

    Brienzer Kunstnacht, Brienz
    Museum Kesselhaus, Berlin (D)
    THIN AIR, Biel
    Galerie Katapult Basel

    Kant. Jahresausstellung Kunstmuseum Solothurn
    Gruppenausstellung Künstlerhaus S11, Solothurn
    Jugendart Olten


    Kunstsammlung der schweizereischen POST

    Sammlung kanton Solothurn

    Fränkisches Museum Feuchtwangen (D)


pierre-alain münger

emmenweg 25
4528 zuchwil