it's not money, it's your own lifetime !

during the pandemic lockdown i had lot's of thoughts about the important things and values in life.

what does really matter ?

money seems to be the most important thing in our life. with money we can buy things, pay bills, get on holidays, buy cars, get food...

but is it really the very most important thing ?

can we buy time with it ?

so i developped a new project about this topic: to print a piece of art with the value of something new: TIME.

the number written symbolizes time - seconds.

so, what can we buy with this ? NOTHING ! you already own it. its your lifetime.


but be aware !

there exists time thiefes which want to get your time like social media, internet, ...


the series will include a limited print of every bill and limited edition of sets of 100 bills themselfes.

there will be very limited editions of special theme-bills. shown up as prints, bills of NFTs



save as much of your own time to spend...