portraits 2019 / 2020

these people are very important for me. in a different way.

some saw the things coming, some were next to me in my whole life, some i just met once or some opened the hells gate and changed humans fate....


steven hawking on videocassettes / lat. video: i see. he saw the things.

steve jobs on remotes / he controls even after death...

AIRBAG / since 2014

different works made of real exposed airbag from real car-crashes.


-  100 crashes for ballard / (2014) / 100 frames 20x20cm / 220x220cm

-  portraits JANE DOE / portraits JOHN DOE / (2014) 45X45CM / 50X50CM

   there is a trace of a face on the airbag, but we cant see it. but its there.

PAINTINGS / since 2015

RESCUED / TRAPPED is a series of paintings about people who help in case of a problem.

they are mostly reduced to the orange/yellow overall.

the bigger formats are more figurativ, the smaller are more abstract.

DRAWINGS   2014 / 2015

drawings on paper / ink / different formats

drawing on canvas

superheros / 2014

its about superheros on their way to work. they can also have accidents in daily traffic.

superhero faces are painted on a doll-head. the airbag is depoyed and the pace is printed on the airbag.

PAINTINGS   2009 / 2010

oil on canvas / different formats


schicht / 2009-2011

pictures made with self adhesive tape in different colours. layered. cut out.