vhs / 2019

its a series produced with vhs cassettes. it should make people remember what the beginning of digital was all about.


"1972" / stars and stripes on 40 jerrycans / 2012

gold and silver plated jerry cans / its about the oilcrash 1972.

250cm x 170cm x 20cm

"CRUCIFIED IN SPEED" / tryptichon / 2014

made of lots of airbags from real crashed cars.

220cm x 350cm x 10cm

PRESSION  /  2005 - 2012

this is a serie about deformation.

the cubes are welded and painted before being crushed in a industrial press.

the sculpture is 3meter high. painted steel.


the object is a collaboration with artist simon berger for an exhibition in an old church.

our object ist about the seemingly safety of things and the value of our religion.

security belts / pieces from a bentley in the centerj.

3,5m x 3,5m

KONKRET / serie since 2017

the objects re made of concrete. they can be deformed as much the owner wants. suddenly it will break, but we dont know when..

TENSION / serie since 2017

the objects get their form by tensionbelts

i am not a number (2017)

you are only a number (2017)

WINDOW LICKER / porsche 944 / serie since 2014

2 car door frames cut out and welded together.

it should remember, that as far we drive with our beloved car, we only see through the windows what happens around us.

window licker (2014)

DEFORMATION / serie since 2016

this is a serie about deformation.

the objects get their form by hand and hammer.

"RELIQUIEN" / 2018

its a piece about the catholic crucifix cult. its made of security belts from crashed cars.

"BUY BUY BUY" / our true religion / 2018

its a series about our new religion: consuming things. useless things. every day.

the objects are well choosen in its symbolic.


in the movie fight club edward norton said:

we buy things we don't need,

with money we don't have,

to impress people we don't like.



FORMATION / since 2016

this is a serie about deformation.

the objects get their form by a zinc bath.

steel / painted transparent or without painting.

COMPRESSION  /  2012 - 2016

this is a serie about deformation.

the objects were PLACED INSIDE MY CRASHING CARS, recording the change of room inside the car.

SMALL  /  2012 - 2016